Flexible PVC:

FICEL® Blends for flexible vinyl include a range of chemical blowing agents in various supply forms. FICEL® HFVP is a powder product. FICEL® HFVD and FICEL® HFVCD are liquid dispersions suited for direct addition to the extruder feed throat and in plastisol applications. FICEL® HFVCD is also specially designed for use in calendered products to give good stability on the mill and excellent blowing in the expansion oven. FICEL® HC is a pellet form designed for optimum dispersion in PVC pellet compounds.

Ficel® products are used in numerous applications to provide excellent foaming characteristics: these include:

Wire and Cable, jacket and coaxial cable.
Decorative mouldings
Automotive, fabric and interior panels, body mouldings, sealants and gaskets
T shirt inks
Floor mats, anti fatigue
Resilient vinyl flooring
Sporting goods, ski boots, personal protection wear.

Our expertise can help guide you through the process of using foaming agents in yoir application should you not be familiar with the process.