Lab Services

In support of our customers and prospective customers, we offer our services to screen compounds in our lab equipment, saving you valuable time and money as you select the right blowing agent for your application:


The polymeric compounds used in foam processing are usually different than those used for non foam products. Our experts appreciate these differences, understand the need for them and can offer advice as to the types of formulations.
This advice is offered freely to our customers and prospective customers and will include formulation advice for such polymers as:
• Rigid PVC
• Flexible PVC
• Plastisol PVC
• Polystyrene
• Polyethylene
• Rubber


All forms of polymer processing are possible candidates for foam, these include:
• Extrusion
• Injection Molding
• Rotational Molding
• Plastisol
• Calandering
• Casting

Within these processing methods, we understand the needs of the various products manufactured, and how chemical blowing agents are used i.e.
• Plastisol
o Fabric Coating
o Screen Printing
o Mats
o Floor Coverings
o Wallpaper
• Calendering
o Automotive and Other Seating
o Wallpaper (reinforced)
• Casting
o Sealants
o Adhesives
• Extrusion
o Pipe
o Profile
o Sheet
o Wire and Cable
• Injection Molding
o Direct Gas Injection
o Gas Assist
o Sink Mark Reduction
o Weight Reduction
• Rotational Molding
o Large, Stand Alone Molds
o Multi Station
o Multi Layer


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