Rigid PVC:

FICEL® HRVP, Extend and HC represent a range of quality blowing agent formulations for the extrusion of Rigid PVC. FICEL® HRVP and Extend products are supplied in powder form for incorporation into Rigid PVC compounds. FICEL® HC products are pellet blends for online feeding at the extruder. FICEL® Extend blowing Agents are blends of exothermic HRVP and endothermic SBH blowing agents.

Ficel® products are used to produce the superior cell structures required in building products to produce the mechanical properties needed for screw and nail hold, hard finish and excellent color. Similar products from the Extend range of materials are used in the Celuka process for decorative profiles requiring a good blend of hard surface and good cell structure.

All products are designed correctly for the end use application and can be modified if the “standard” formulation does not meet your needs, please go to our lab services page for more information.

Market Application areas where Ficel® products may be found include:

Sheet for soffit facia etc.,
Interior and exterior profile, for brick mould, crown mould base board etc
Foam Core pipe